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My Art News Letter #14
In this newsletter
  • New at MyArtClub.Com
    • New CD and video launched by OPUS
    • Catalog to sell your art online
    • Testimonials
    • Bulletins
    • Online Tutorial
  • Did you know MyArtClub.Com reaches 117 countries
  • MyArtClub.Com now includes over 4,000 art images
  • MyArtClub.Com launches Registered Guest Services
New at MyArtClub.Com New CD and video at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies

MyArtClub.Com is delighted to announce two new promotional items now at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies just in time for Christmas!

First, a new CD package in a DVD format has been fanned out to OPUS stores. What a great gift idea for that special artist you know should be on the internet! Please drop in at any of their stores, or call their customer service line at 1-800-663-6953

Second, we have created an in-store promotional video to help artists be more aware of the services we offer. Next time you visit OPUS Framing and Art Supplies ask to see the "video on MyArtClub.Com".

We hope you will find this video's light-hearted approach a useful and fun summary of the value of having a website with MyArtClub.Com. If you would like a free copy to share with your art group or other artists, please let us know.

Finally, our thanks to OPUS Framing and Art Supplies for their continued support and a very nice article in their November Newsletter. The article is available online at:

New at MyArtClub.Com Catalog to sell your art online

If you take orders and sell your art online, you may be already aware that MyArtClub.Com provides the convenience of using Paypal or other payment providers to take orders.

MyArtClub.Com is now taking that concept to a new level with our online catalog!

An artist's specific template has been built and is designed to let you arrange conveniently all the various ways you may sell your work. All you need to do is specify the product and the price, and the catalog takes care of the rest. We also offer an email order form for your customer to send you an order by email.

Each artist's catalog is linked to from their artist page with a link directly under their art thumbnails or studio thumbnails. It displays the information previously shown under each art page in one place on your artist catalog page.

To turn on your artist catalog, visit your Maintain artist page and select option 8, add your Artist Payment Options. Select option 2 to start your catalog. Then visit your Maintain Art Menu and a new column is shown that allows you to select which art images to include in your catalog.

Update the database with your selected art images by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Then click on the Edit Catalog link beside the button to take you into the catalog setup page. Click on the edit link to add your payment options for each of the items you want to sell.

An example catalog can be found from the site, www.MyArtClub.Com/Art.Meister. You can also view the artists who have set up catalogs from a link on the MyArtClub.Com main page.

New at MyArtClub.Com - Testimonials

MyArtClub.Com adds an important category for your artist page, "Testimonials" There can be no stronger demonstration of the value of your art than customer testimonials. Besides showing off your art work on the website, using testimonials to lets your viewers know how well your work has been received by your customers.

Customer testimonials underscore your marketing message. Testimonials can communicate benefits and value, how you have met customer needs, what sets your art apart, and create market interest.

New customer success stories gives creditability to your work and strengthens sales. Visitors learn how much your art is enjoyed, creating desire in the visitors mind to experience the same, and a higher confidence that they would. Generally testimonials have higher credibility if the provider is well known, or has some position of expertise or authority, such as a museum curator or magazine editor. If you can get comments from individuals viewed as independent experts, be sure to add them in here too!

New at MyArtClub.Com - Bulletins

Wondering what is new for artists? Got a news item of interest to artists? Try our new "Bulletins" section!

Located by link from the left column of the Members tab, MyArtClub.Com is happy to post items of specific interest to artists.

This differs from our calendar of events which targets a general audience specifically our members' shows. Rather this is meant for artist to artist postings and for any sort of general or specific topics of interest to artists.

If you have an item, please email us at [email protected]

New at MyArtClub.Com Online Tutorials

Wondering how to resize your art or crop your pictures using the Futuris Imager software? MyArtClub.Com offers an online tutorial on just that subject. It requires that you have the Flash player loaded on your computer but the link is provided if you don't. There is also a link to download Futuris Imager. Login in to your member site and follow the links through the help section.

Did you know MyArtClub.Com reaches 117 countries

The artists of MyArtClub.Com reach a wide audience of visitors many countries. Our statistics show that for the first 10 month so far this year, there are over 90 countries that have visited. Here is a list of the top 117 in descending order:

Canada, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Seychelles, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Romania, Norway, Thailand, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Greece, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Croatia, Taiwan, Estonia, Lithuania, Philippines, Chile, Peru, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Iran, Morocco, Vietnam, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Malta, Benin, Colombia, Ireland, Cyprus, Bahrain, Iceland, South Korea, Pakistan, Guatemala, Venezuela, China, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay, Tonga, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Mozambique, Luxembourg, Tuvalu, Togo, Moldavia, Ecuador, Botswana, Georgia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bahamas, San Marino, Kuwait, Nicaragua, Egypt, Belarus, Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire), Guyana, El Salvador, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Syria, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Aruba, Tanzania, Antigua and Barbuda, Samoa, Liechtenstein, Armenia, Namibia, Christmas Island, Kenya, Ghana, Greenland, Saint Tome (Sao Tome) and Principe.

Quite a fantastic list!

MyArtClub.Com now includes over 4,000 art images

Thanks to all of you, our artists' friends, we have grown and continue to grow. The more art MyArtClub.Com contains the more we attract visitors. To day we are pleased to note that we have reached over 4,000 images online.

Each week artists post a tremendous amount of new art. This past week alone we added 193 new works of art.

Artists and art groups benefit from the continuing interest and traffic new art brings to the sites. Well done all!

MyArtClub.Com launches Registered Guest Services

In addition to the browsing services and the "Show Me More" program (where visitors can join individual artist's mailing lists) we have had for quite sometime, MyArtClub.Com has now launched two new "Guest Services"

1) "Art/Artist Preferences" lets visitors login as a Guest to MyArtClub.Com to save searches for their personal quick retrieval. Visitors keep the specific preferences on file for their next visit.

2) "Custom Alerts" let visitors be alerted by email as often as they like when new art meeting their "Art/Artist Preferences" is loaded on the site. This might mean for example being alerted to see new watercolours between $300 and $700. The visitor is invited to the site by email, where they login and are presented with the selection requested.

Try it out for yourself!

Well that is it for this issue, and the Fall update.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it, look forward to seeing your latest art on the Internet!

Peter Newell and Cam Anderson,

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Please write to us at: Webmaster @MyArtClub.Com

P.S. Previous issues of this newsletter are available on the MyArtClub.Com under the Member's Help Section.

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