November 20,2012
Week Nine with Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

I don't know where the weeks have gone but 9 have gone by now.We have many more mellow times with our girl now. Stelle and Rubi have really bonded. One of their favourite pastimes is to sit in the window together have keep tabs on the neighbourhood. Stelle is finally feeling better and they have started to play again. Rubi is so much larger now and such a clutz that I have to watch them pretty closely.She is still going out with the trainer twice a week and really enjoys those times with him and the pack. Christmas grows ever closer and it will be fun to watch her in the excitement of it all.She really loves her family and tries to give kisses-but those puppy teeth still hit the mark sometimes. She is a little jealous of her people-kicked Stelle aside last night and crawled on my lap.Soon she will be way too big for that and I wonder how large she will grow.About 50 pounds now and counting.More next week,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 04:17


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