September 05,2011
September and other Thoughts

Here it is the fall already-the summer really flew by and here on the coast-never really happened. We had a few nice days but for the most part it did not happen for us. Perhaps we will have a good fall-it is beautiful out there today.I finally feel as if I have retired and no longer measure each day in terms of what I would be doing if I were at work. More time to paint and draw-more time with family and more time with my beloved dogs.I would love to add another bulldog to my pack and I just might do that before too long.I am currently showing some of my work at Moka House Coffe in The Cook Street Village. They are celebrating the month of the dog and asked if I would hang some paintings.I am always happy to do that-I love it when the dog is celebrated-and of course any opportunity to capture more dogs on paper or canvas. I hope everyone has a great September,bye for now,CarlaPortrait of  a French Bulldog

Posted by Carla Smale at 09:53


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