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January 13,2013
Get rid of pesky ? marks for apostrophes, quotes
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MyArtClub uses HTML so you have opportunity to put links everywhere you have text, and that includes links to videos etc.

But sometimes there are drawbacks when you have the advantages HTML provides, and curly marks is one.

It turns out that if your computer or word program inserts a curled apostrophe, or curled quote mark, the HTML code can't read it. HTML code gives the � response, meaning HTML can't interpret this character.

So what to do? If you can please use a straight version not curled version of apostrophe. Basically change all the double quotes to " and the single quotes to ' marks.

A better way, is to use the HTML special character codes:

' for apostrophes, " for quotes, ‐ for dash and © for copyright symbol.
Other special character symbols are shown in full here. By the way, the HTML names sometimes work, but I find the HTML number codes always seem to work, so may be the safer choice. I suspect not every browser supports the names in the same way as the numbers, which no doubt came first in HTML development.

Let's show how this works. For example, Ian's "painting".
would be:

Ian 's " painting ". You could try just typing in the straight (not curly) versions of the characters, such as
Ian's "painting".

Sometimes writing in the text in Word pad (as opposed to MS Word, which adds formatting and curls the characters) will give you the straight, not curled, versions. That may be worth a try too. But in my experience, the results have been mixed.

So somewhat resignedly, I find it easiest to write in the code for one apostrophe, copy the code

I mean type in the ' once, copy it, and then paste it where ever there turns out to be a � character that is an apostrophe. Then do the same for quote marks, type in " and copy it and paste it around all the quote marks Bit of a big pain I admit, but it always works. And if you want you can use the MS word program Find and Replace feature to speed this up. Using that you can type as normal, and then review and replace all the codes.

Big tip: Important! If you update the blog live, and then go back and do it again, some of the corrections will re-occur as problems. Best advice is if you save a copy of your blog in word, you can do all your substitutions there, of quote marks and other characters, and then you can copy paste the entire corrected copy again and again.

Do you have any questions on this? Email us at [email protected]

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January 09,2013
Art of Being Together - Call for show Mar 9th!
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L'Arche Greater Vancouver is presenting their Fourth Annual Art of Being Together on March 9, 2013 at the Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre in Burnaby.

The Art of Being Together is a unique, signature event that celebrates the spirit of community. The art show will feature artwork selected by a panel of respected art judges.

The selected pieces will be eligible to win the Judge’s Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award which is voted on by the guests. At this time, we are accepting submissions for the art exhibition until the submission deadline on February 1st.

Here are more details, and the submission form: Art of Being Together submission form

Or visit their website for details at:

If you have any questions about the event or the call, please feel free to contact:
Yuki Ihara
Development Assistant
L'Arche Greater Vancouver
604.435.9544 ext. 33
Email: [email protected]

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January 09,2013
Call for Coquitlam 2014 exhibition proposals
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Coquitlam, BC, January 8, 2013 . . . Place des Arts has extended the deadline for artists to submit proposals for the centre’s 2014 gallery exhibitions. The extended deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 3, 2013.

Place des Arts offers 3 gallery spaces where local emerging artists and art groups may exhibit and sell their works. Artists living in British Columbia who are not represented by a professional gallery are considered local, emerging artists.

Place Des Arts

Place des Arts welcomes submissions in 2D and 3D media and techniques including fibre arts, pottery, sculpture, painting, photography, prints and drawings; we are not able to accommodate multimedia work at this time.

Place des Arts’ galleries are open to the public 7 days a week and are a popular destination with local residents and visitors alike. Place des Arts regularly hosts over 60,000 visitors per year. The centre distributes exhibition invitation cards for display at over 20 arts and community centres in the Lower Mainland, and its galleries and gift shop are featured in guides such as Van Dop, Galleries West and Preview. A full promotional campaign is devoted to each exhibition series.

For full details and to download an exhibition proposal package, visit or contact exhibitions programmer Michelle Chan at 604.664.1636 ext. 32 or [email protected]

Place des Arts is an integrated arts centre that brings together art, culture and history. It is located in the community of Maillardville at 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam.

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