June 16,2017
Portrait of a Merle Pup and other Thoughts

This is one of my latest commissions-a challenge to paint-but I have practice as Norma-my bullie-is a merle as well. Such a beautiful swirl of natural colours-really enjoyed painting this one.It is always good to paint an animal that I have not tried before-I welcome them all in my studio-pets and wildlife.Never seem to tire of this.I hope I live long enough to paint them all.It has been a cool spring on the coast this year-every once in a while we will get these where it just never seems to take off. Hopefully we will have a summer soon but even if we do not-I cannot imagine living my life anywhere else but here on the west coast of Canada.So much beauty everywhere you look,Carla

Portrait Of a Merle pup

Posted by Carla Smale at 07:22


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