April 27,2017
Daily Art Blog and Other Thoughts

https://www.artfinder.com/manage/carla-smale/product/sleepy-frenchie-pup-dog-art-original-7-x-10-drawing-on-suede-ca/Hello again,I recently was told to send out more blogs to spread the word about my art. I tried doing this but I feel that maybe it is too much to send them out so often as I do not want to irritate anyone with a constant barage of STUFF! So,I will return to the more occasional blogs as people do seem to want to read them.It is a crazy world out there and so much information goes out constantly.If anyone on my list does not want to get these blogs-please-let me know and I will remove your email address right away-my intention is not to offend.I still work everyday on my art and I am always trying to improve what I do.My bulldogs are my constant companions in this as they are usually snoring softly in the background while I work.Letely I have returned more to drawings and have produced some on an unusual substrate.When I was working at Island Blue in the art store I collected a variety of suede offcuts from the framing department.These are real suede adhered to a matboard and they do look wonderful around paintings and drawings. I however,decided to use them a little differently and have been using colored pencil on them. They take the pencil beautifully and the result is a very soft color with a muted background-perfect for an animal coat. The is one of these drawings-a sweet little frenchie pup dreaming of who knows what.Thanks for looking,Carla

French Bulldog Original Drawing on Suede Board-Carla Smale

Posted by Carla Smale at 09:33


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