March 31,2014
Spring,Pugs and other thoughts

I do love this time of year-everything here on the coast is coming up green and spring flowers are poking through. All the trees are starting to blossom-we are blessed here. I have never had a pug but I have painted so many of them and the people I paint them for seem so devoted to this breed.They are cute little guys with a slightly out of this world look about them.I am particularly fond of the black ones-although I have been told that black pugs in the past were put down when born as they were considered undesirable.I can't even imagine thinking that-those little black babies with those huge brown eyes-how could they be undesirable. Thank goodness that practice is behind us.This painting shows a little black one wearing one of my tie dye hoodies.Such a cute little one...Portrait of a Pug

Posted by Carla Smale at 03:15


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