May 26,2013
Portrait of Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

Well,I finally painted the newest member of my pack-here she is-Rubi Tuesday.I have not been able to bring myself to paint my dogs since I lost Lucy-something there would not let me do it. I am missing her so much-with the sun comes the last days of her life last summer. Rubi is a sweetie however and has won all of our hearts-including that of my little frenchie-Stelle. It is quite amazing how they carve out their own little spot in our hearts never displacing those that already live there. She has gotten much bigger-about 65 pounds now and will be a year old next month.Not as large as a rottie-I guess the english bulldog Mom has kept her size down. She is so pretty and such a great combo of the two breeds-english bulldog eyes and body shape-rotti markings in a wonderful array of browns.This portrait is her as a pup-the next will be the adult version,bye for now,CarlaPortrait of a Rubi -Carla Smale

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