December 09,2012
Week Eleven with Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

Hi everyone-Looks like I missed a week-Rubi and Christmas portraits have kept me pretty busy lately.Rubi is 53 pounds now-she seems to be larger every morning. It looks like she will favour her father in looks.I had hoped for a face full of wrinkles but no more have shown up. Still she is a very pretty girl and I don't think she will be as large as a rotti. I have yet to paint her first portrait as I have been busy capturing pets on paper and canvas for under the Christmas tree for others. There is still time if anyone needs that for Christmas.Her and her sister are getting along so much better-I caught them spooning last week but of course the camera was no where close by and when I moved-the moment was broken. It was very cute however.More next time,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 01:33


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