November 14,2012
Week 8 with Rubi Tuesday and other Thoughts

Well-it has been almost two months since I brought this little girl home. She is not so little now. We walked up to the vet this morning for a weigh-in-47 pounds of dog. She has almost doubled her weight since she came to us-I wonder where it will end.She is still a work in progress-much like a canvas that has the basics but still needs the details added.She has not really gotten much taller but she is broader and thicker than she was-very much an english bulldog body with more of a rotti head-interesting.Her and Stelle have bonded-Stelle still gets a little cranky with her from time to time but they have their moments laying on the couch,cuddling and being together.I still miss my Lucy girl but there is room in my heart for this one too.She can melt your heart with those eyes. Bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 01:18


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