November 05,2012
Week 7 with Rubi Tuesday and other Thoughts

It has been quite a week! Rubi seems to grow larger every day-I think she must be about 40 pounds now. I will have to take her in and get her weighed. She tends to flop around and has flopped-rather hard-and more than once on poor little Stelle. Rubi has broken my frenchie-had to take her into the vet for an adjustment today. I feel so bad for her as she is in a lot of pain. Rubi seems to know that there is something wrong as she no longer tries to play with her. I think those play days are behind us now-it is just too hard for the little one.It is too bad-they both enjoyed it but frenchies tend to have problems in their necks and backs and I cannot risk another injury to her.Christmas portraits are starting now so my days are busy between that and walking the girls.Rubi still walks twice a week with Steve,the trainer,and I think that is helping. Went to see Cesar last night and it reinforced what I know about being calm and assertive. Knowing it and acting on it are sometimes different things though-but I will keep trying,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 06:08


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