July 07,2011
Retirement and other Thoughts

Here it is-week one of my retirement from my day job.It still does not seem real. I can now paint ,draw,dye shirts,make bears,-whatever I want to do in a day! It really will be fabulous-once it hits me.For now I feel as if I am on vacation. I will miss the people I work with-I have worked with some of them a very long time....but it is time for me to do this. There is no looking back-except for the occasional visit to check up on all of them and maybe deliver some cookies. I am working very hard to make my on-line art stores on Ebay and Etsy a success. This is the year to do it-wish me luck,bye for now,CarlaPortrait of an French Bulldog

Posted by Carla Smale at 08:32


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