March 24,2011
Blogs,Cats and other thoughts

Hi-Again,it has been awhile since I too this time to talk. Life is so busy! I just completed this portrait of Jezabel and I really enjoyed painting her. She [and me]will be featured in a local blog about women in my town,Victoria.All very exciting as it is nice to be noticed locally.I have been painting on canvas lately using acrylic gouache. I am finding this medium more and more to my liking and have finally made it work for me the way water based gouache does.I am on Facebook now as well but again-life is so busy-it is hard to keep up with it. Anyone that wants to be my Facebook friend-feel free to send a friend request. I do try to put my Etsy listings there, I hope everyone is enjoying spring. The blossoms are out and the air has the scent of them here on the coast. Bye for now,CarlaPortrait of Jezabel

Posted by Carla Smale at 09:15


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