August 10,2017
Yoda-Rainbow Dog and other thoughts

Hell everyone. It has been a strange summer-wildfires burning all over BC bringing smoke into our air here on the island. So much worse on the mainland and I feel for them. Been busy with paintings this summer. The Paint In was a great success. I painted my son's pit bull,Yoda,this year. Did it in the rainbow style and included some poppies from my yard. There are always so many dogs that attend the event.This year I was visited by many pit bull owners-because of the painting I suspect. A very misunderstood breed as they really are great family dogs.I really am liking this rainbow style more and more but there are still those out there who prefer their pets painted in more traditional colors. Always happy to oblidge but when painting for myself or my on-line shops-I seem to head off for extra color.Anyway-look for more rainbows in the future-thanks for taking the time to read this,bye for now,Carla

Rainbow Dog-Yoda

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