June 09,2015
Moss Street Paint-In and other thoughts

Summer is here on the coast in a big way. It has come early and promises to be a warm one. I am getting ready for two events in June. The first is the Pride Festival event. I really enjoy this even-such great people watching with the participants dressed up in all their glory. I rent a table there and sell my tie dyed shirts and bandanas. Next come the Moss Streetb Paint-in. This is an annual event where artists are invited to show and display how they paint. It is an awesome event with thousands of people attending. We artists get so few opportunities like this-sports events have many more.I feel priviledged to be invited again this year.I will be doing a large canvas of my newest bulldog-Norma Jean. She is quite a little character and if it is not too hot for her-I will bring her along. I have attached my latest portrait to this email-the wonderful rotti A personal favourite of mine. Have a great summer and I will talk to you all soon. Just an afterthought-I have put all my drawings and larger paintings on sale on Ebay this month-in case you might be interested,Carla

Portrait of a Rottweiller

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