September 26,2012
New Pup in the House and other thoughts

Hi,What a year it has been-so much sadness in our house with all of the losses.I decided we needed some joy in our home and our hearts so I brought home a new puppy. Her name is Rubi Tuesday and she is a bullweiller-1/2 english bulldog-1/2 rottweiler-13 weeks old now. What a cutie and what a lot of work.She is worth it however as she has brought some smiles back to the family. She is part of my recovery package and will make a great addition to this family. Unfortunately,there is way less time to paint as her training and her unlimited energy seems to take most of my time. I thought I would blog about her progress for awhile in case any of you are interested. Just writing down some thoughts is good for me. So here is the first installment of bringing up Rubi,CarlaRubi Tuesday

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