December 21,2011
Christmas,Mom and other Thoughts

I hsve been telling the story of my Mom and her ailing health through this blog. I guess it was the uppermost thing in my mind in the past few months. Unfortunately,Mom left us recently,she was 90 and it was time.I was with her at the end. She had not much left to live for as life tends to take that away from us if we live long enough. She had a long life and was loved by many. She will never be forgotten.We will all miss her so this Christmas-my best friend and confident-an empty spot at the dinner table.We always had a rum on Christmas Eve and phoned my brother-he was born on Christmas Eve.Mom was a great supporter of my art and I would share the challenges of each new portrait with her.Painting is good therapy-then and now-and I will continue to share those challenges with her.This Christmas,we must take time to celebrate those we love as if it were the last Christmas together. I hope all of you have that in your life this year-Merry Christmas everyone,Merry Christmas Mom,Carla

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