October 31,2011
All Hallowed Eve

Here it is again-kids on the street-smiles all around. I love this time of year-the air is fresh and everything outdoors has this slightly decaying smell about it.I am reminded that Christmas is really-right around the corner. So much to do this time of year-so very many dogs and kitties to be captured on canvas or paper. I love to think of those portraits being opened on Christmas morning-oh to be a fly on the wall.It has already started with those that are prepared in advance and know what they want. What a better gift can there be for a pet lover but a portrait lasting for all time.The last minute crowd will come in December but for now we have November and there is still lots of time.Happy Halloween!CarlaPortrait of Barbie

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October 13,2011
Fall,Family and other Thoughts

Such a beautiful time of year-I love the crisp mornings with a touch of fog in the air-Stelle and I wandering together. Then off to hospital to visit with Mom. She is 90 now and going through a rough patch this past while. I will bring her home tomorrow and our visits together will be better at home. She will be able to relax again and see her little dog Abby.Family is important-it is who we are really. Not as much time to paint these past few days but time well spent with Mom,bye for now,CarlaFrenchie Flower

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October 01,2011
Fall and other Thoughts

I love this season! Walking Stelle early in the morning with the air so fresh and heavy with moisture-there is nothing like it. I am forming patterns now in my retirement-Stelle is first thing-right after the morning coffee. The rest of the day is divided between painting,drawing,bear making or taking care of my Mom. She is 90 now and needs more and more help.Custom portraits are gearing up for Christmas now-so many dogs to capture on paper or canvas.....bye for now,CarlaPortrait of a Rotti -Carla Smale

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