December 28,2011
Happy holidays to all

We wish you the best of the season and a prosperous 2012

In this edition of our newsletter we want to acquaint you with recent art marketing studies and many new developments on MyArtClub.Com.

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Peter and Cam wish you and yours all the best of the holiday season and a very happy and prosperous new year. We appreciate all your comments, ideas and feedback and look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

All the best
Cam Anderson and Peter Newell

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December 19,2011
Why and how Artists use Facebook and Twitter
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Artists do art marketing on Facebook and Twitter because customers are there.

Facebook statistics shows today 800 million active users of which over 50% active on any given day. As of June 2011, users on Twitter are now averaging 200 million tweets per day. Click here to see wonderful detail on 2010 Facebook and Twitter user statistics and demographics.

Your customers can easily interact with your posts on Facebook and twitter so you are more likely to get a reaction, to engage with them. Clients often post encouraging comments, and better still these comments can be seen by others.

Even more powerful is sharing on Facebook and re-tweeting on Twitter. What happens is the person on your list is so engaged by your post that they share or re-tweet your post to let their own list of people see your post, usually with their own introductory remarks.

Do a little calculation: since the average person has 130 contacts on Facebook, your message can go quite far with just a few of your friends sharing your posting. If say 5% were to share your posting, you could be seen by almost 1,000 people!

As with any form of advertising, you do need repetition - not by sending the same thing over and over - but by sending out new content again and again. You must not raise this to the level of annoyance. For best results, try to not always focus on yourself, or sound to sound too overtly commercial. Think of posts to Facebook like having a conversation at a party. You would be left alone if all you talked about was yourself and your business. Share what you enjoy and what you think others would enjoy

I have found some great tips are available for how to increase your engagement factor for your posts. The more you are shared, the more you can be seen. Here are a couple excellent examples:

First, consider these great Twitter tips and Blog, Facebook and Twitter sharing ideas to improve your chances of more exposure when you write. This list is invaluable, providing insights into what works and what does not for your posts to be shared by others

Second, think about our content. Artists have an advantage when it comes to creating content, as you have lots of original images, which is always a plus in any posting. And your readers want to know all about your creative genius! The MyArtClub.Com art marketing customer survey Canadian Fine Art Market Report found that 48% of fine art customers buy from artists they know, and that 58% want to buy directly to get to know the about you as an artist, and your art.

Content is marketing, and marketing is all about stories. If you are stuck what to write about, this link to 6 Ways to Tell a Story With Your Content to help get you going.

To save time for artists and keep all this promotional effort from being repetitive work, MyArtClub.Com has just launched a novel approach on MyArtClub.Com artists websites. Artists can now post art work to their website, and at the same time with very little added work promote the art by email, Facebook, and or Twitter as they choose. Click here for more Facebook or Twitter details.

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